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:: Thu Oct 6 2022
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Database Development
Designing a database is primarily an exercise in communication. At webEthos, we rely on our ability to listen, learn and understand the objectives of our clients. First we begin with the end in mind, probing for information, breaking down the objectives into smaller interval tasks and defining the criteria that would qualify the installation of a new system as a success. With this information we can help identify the areas of importance to your business and the construction of a new system with its supporting database.
A good database design will anticipate the breadth and scope of data utilization, thereby maximizing its' use. We pride ourselves on looking at the database from the point of view of the systems owner, user, designer and builder to ensure that the database provides the information that is needed. We examine the granularity of the data, the relationships, the processes, the interfaces and the geography to ensure that all aspects are considered. Finally all of the data gathered is organized to produce the desired output. Using the Internet to communicate, we extend the reach of your business to infinite possibilities. "...we extend the reach of your business to infinite possibilities."
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